Ski Lift

We support safe and reliable lift construction through total engineering.


We provide total support from design to manufacturing, installation, test run, and final adjustments. We are working to achieve an environment-friendly construction through high-quality technology.

We can provide our original pair lifts, as well as the most advanced LEITNER POMA lifts and gondolas. Our many years of expertise enables us to propose lifts that meet the needs of our customers.


  • Our experienced development and design staff, who have worked on numerous designs, will accurately meet the needs of our customers.
  • Machines and electricity are closely related.
  • We have the know-how and track record for both areas.
  • We bring together a wide range of technologies, including construction and maintenance of plant facilities as well as ropeways, construction of solar power generation systems, and crane manufacturing to respond with advanced technical capabilities.
  • With LEITNER POMA’s cutting-edge lifts, we make full use of our technology and construction capabilities to introduce safer and more comfortable lifts.


We have a record of 146 units so far, including fixed and detachable grip lifts, gondola construction, renewal, and resort consulting.

Construction records
  • IOX-AROSA ski field (Gondola Lift, etc.)
  • Canmore Ski Village (Quad Lift)
  • Cupid Valley Ski Resort (Gondola Lift, etc.)
  • Hiroshima Forest Park Ski Resort (Pair Lift)
  • Mineyama Kogen Resort (Pair Lift)