Maintenance of Ski Lift

We respond to customer needs with various maintenance performed on-site or at our own factory.


Wide-ranging maintenance will be carried out by utilizing the technologies accumulated in the repair and maintenance of steelmaking equipment and our long experience in the field of ropeway specialization, with the aim to extend machine life.

In addition, by carrying out our original diagnostics and inspection, we will determine the timing of maintenance and contribute to the maintenance of safe and secure equipment.


  • Utilizing our network of partner companies, various types of construction that are essential for lift maintenance are possible.
  • We will respond to all customers needs.
  • Maintenance is carried out according to our own strict quality standards, enabling safe usage for customers.
  • We propose various technologies based on our extensive construction experience.
  • Making the most of the economies of scale with all kinds of construction work on a daily basis, high-quality and inexpensive construction will be possible with competitive purchasing trading.


  • Kurumayama Skypark Resort (Wire rope exchange)
  • Kitashiga Komaruyama Sky Area (directly connected brake shoe lining replacement)
  • Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort(replacement of grip-way rope rails, reduction gear overhaul, pulley-shaft replacement work, PLC replacement work)
  • Cupid Valley Ski Resort (track replacement work on the premises)
  • Cammore Ski Village (Pulley Shaft Replacement Work)