Computer Systems


[Developmet and Design]

Computer systems play an increasingly important role in logistics services and manufacturing industries in compiling and consolidating a large amount of information of diverse types, helping run production lines with little or no human labor, reducing manufacturing costs, and improving the quality of services and products. Drawing on our extensive experience in engineering and system development acquired through assisting steel manufacturers, we develop and design for customers’ high-performance yet reasonably priced computer systems which support the most advanced IT technologies.

[Production and installation]

We offer versatile systems that operate on the MIDDLESTAR ® middleware and application packages we have self-manufactured.
We develop efficiently and with full attention to quality for customers; Linux-based systems for process control, production control, and quality control designed for large and midsize enterprises as well as Windows PC-based systems for parking-lot management, parts management, and monitoring. We also install in Windows PCs an emulator that enables them to run applications originally designed for PC98-series computers.