We replace worn-out DC motors of fractional- to large-capacity horsepower ratings with new AC motors including associated driving control devices. Based on the results of the on-site inspection of an existing motor and an analysis of its control performance data, we select a replacement motor that will provide comparable performance. We can offer a replacement unit of different capacity if an evaluation of a motor’s rated specifications, start-up characteristics, and power-supply capacity warrants it based on load requirements.


  • Our services start with planning for modifying or replacing machine bases and couplings and include producing new parts and installing them on site.
  • We test-run installed machines to check their performance when running on their own, with other machines, and under load so as to ensure they perform in the manner in which they should.
  • We perform electrical work for installed machines using wiring routes and grounded systems that prevent electromagnetic noise from affecting other devices nearby and eliminate shaft current problems.


Depending on the results of inspections and diagnoses we perform of machines in customers’ facilities, we can offer ideas for extending the machine’s usage period or replacing them with new ones so as to ensure customers’ electrical apparatus keeps running in good condition.
The variety of life-extension options we offer include cutting, chamfering, and undercutting commutator bar edges; overhauling machines by disassembling them, tuning key components, and adjusting balance; and recovering machines’ dielectric properties by cleaning and drying their housings and internal components, applying vacuum-pressurized impregnation to coils, and rewinding coils.

Our site managers, who all are certified technical advisers in the heavy industry, oversee regular on-site maintenance and replacement services of steam turbines and top-pressure recovery turbines.